Hope Center Ministries

restoring lives. restoring families. restoring communities.

The purpose of Hope Center Ministries is to provide men and women with the opportunity to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction through their faith. Our program is designed to show these individuals how to find peace and lasting freedom from their addictions through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


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Bring a Hope Center to Mercer County

In order to launch the first Hope Center in Mercer County, we need to raise $100,000. 


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restoring lives, families & communities

About the Hope Center

The Hope Center’s vision is to help people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction find the hope that only Jesus Christ can bring. They seek salvation for those that some would say are beyond hope.

Hope Center Ministries is not just about getting sober, but about helping men and women find a new life in Jesus. Through designated phases of support, residents work through the challenges in their lives, deal with root-issues and journey forwards with newfound hope. With this new hope, people can rediscover who they really are, without the baggage of their lives dragging them backward.

Using a recognized, Christian-based 12-step program, residents can rediscover the joy of living and find freedom in their everyday lives. During their stay at the Hope Center, the residents are also required to work through several Bible-based curriculum, as well as participate in daily devotions and bible studies. We have a variety of experienced leaders and people from the surrounding communities that take part in these studies. The goal of this practice is to show our residents that only the word of God truly has the power to renew the mind.